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  • Talena Peden

    Has WLAY changed stations from 103.5?

    • tckinkead

      Yes Talena. We are now located at 100.1 FM

    • Noah Sheffield

      Yes 100.1 WLAY

  • Rodney Pettus

    Why have you changed your format to play Rick and Bubba a day behind schedule and it not being live. Also the way you are playing it the time is off from what they tell. Is this temporary?

    • Scotty L Matthews

      100.3 The River has R&B in the morning.

      • Rodney Pettus

        I hope a response if received quicker than 9 months. Did you remove Rick and Bubba from your station? I wished you would change your mind.

  • Janet Wix Burnett

    I hate the changes to Rick & Bubba! Please go back to the original. I do not like the day delay and it is too much music…and not enough of them. If things don’t change back…I am going to a different station for mornings and I have been with you for many years. Makes me sad.

  • Greg Robinson

    What is up with the day delay with Rick and Bubba. As a listner this is ridiculous.

    • Scotty L Matthews

      100.3 The River still has Rick & Bubba in real time.

  • Matt Montgomery

    Bring back Rick N Bubba Live! I’ve quit listening until you do. Will find another outlet.

    • Matt Montgomery

      Thank you for resolving!! Mornings are normal again!

    • Scotty L Matthews

      100.3 The River has Rick & Bubba. I’ve stopped listening to WLAY as well.

  • Lori Grove Brantley

    Hey, Where did Rick & Bubba go and WHEN will they be back???? This is ridiculous!! Last week you said there was a “satellite problem” and that they would be back today, but they were NOT back today. Very ticked off!!

    • Scotty L Matthews

      100.3 The River has them every morning. They’re my new favorite radio station.

    • Sherry Campbell

      They told me they had a satellite problem months ago and they changed the format now I can’t get them at all.

  • Scotty L Matthews

    Since WLAY no longer has Rick & Bubba in the morning, you can listen to 100.3 The River. They still have them.

  • Greg Robinson

    Where is Rick and Bubba?

  • Charlotte-ann Filloramo

    I can’t get 100.3 clearly. Is the show not coming back locally?

  • Sherry Campbell

    Why is Rick and Bubba not on in the mornings anymore?

  • Debra Neal

    Want Rick and Bubba!!!! Called the station 2 weeks ago and was told it is a temporary satellite problem…..that doesn’t sound right after all this time. FIX IT. Please??